Bursch Men’s fragrances by Acqua di Biella

The Bursch series from Acqua di Biella is is one of those classic men’s fragrances, that has been in demand for years and years, and has a strong following worldwide. Bound by the long tradition of the manufacturer, this men’s fragrance is also one of the highest in quality of colognes on the international perfume market. Bursch was created from an original Acqua di Biella recipe from 1872 and is at once masculine, spicy and aromatic. High-quality essences give the fragrance its masculine and intense character, making it one of Acqua di Biella’s most popular men’s fragrances.

Acqua di Biella Bursch Fragrance for Men - spicy and aromatic

The Bursch fragrance combines many high-quality, aromatic essences into a unique composition which lasts on the skin and envelopes the wearer with an aura of masculinity. The base note is developed with the scent of cedarwood, vetiver grass and oakmoss. This blends through to a spicy middle note of pimento and coriander, ending in a top note, which forms a dignified conclusion and a harmonious rounding off of the fragrant experience with essences of lavender, rosemary, frankincense and bergamot. As with all men’s fragrances from Acqua di Biella, the Bursch perfume line is produced using only high-quality raw ingredients. Through and through masculine, it confers a manly aura on the wearer and is also makes a wonderful gift for the self-confident man who knows what he wants.