Dangerous Man Men's fragrances by Bruno Banani

Dangerous Man is a fragrance line by Bruno Banani, which is suitable for all men, who like to explore the unknown, seek out adventures, are spontaneous and also do not want to shy away from risks. The exciting line was recreated after the perfume of the same name, which comes as a 30 ml eau de toilette spray. The perfume comes in a slim, rectangular flaçon with a silver lid and a subtle reinforcement on the packaging. The line is expanded with various products, which are just as captivating with the scent chords of “Dangerous Man”.

The hot fragrance for cool men

The men’s fragrances by the brand Bruno Banani aims to drive women crazy, to underline men’s character and to also contain some hot nuances. The Dangerous Man series is no exception in this case. This is achieved by the multifaceted headnote from orange, tangy lemon, mandarin, various nautical notes, cumquat and bergamot. The prelude expands into the heart note, which combines muscat, pepper, rosemary and clove. The base of the exciting fragrance is a combination of amber, cedar wood and tonka beans. Care products are also offered alongside the perfume.