Hands Skin care by Burt's Bees

The nourishing cosmetics by Burt’s Bees ensure well maintained hands down to the fingertips with rich active ingredients. In the natural care products, the American natural cosmetic manufacturer combines high quality natural products such as honey, herbs, plant extracts and fruit. Apart from honey and beeswax, the rich creams also include other ingredients such as Shea or Lemon butter. The skin on the hands and fingers will be richly supplied with vitamins and nutrients and at the same time protected from environmental influences. Dry, chapped skin on the hands and fingers is gently repaired and smoothed.

Natural hand care by Burt's Bees with honey, fruit and high quality plant extracts

The skin care products by Burt’s Bees sink into the skin completely and can be used multiple times a day as needed. For different skin types, men and women can chose from cosmetic products for dry, sensitive, normal and combination skin. The rich natural cosmetics for hand care are also offered as gifts in select Starter Kits and Gift Sets.