Cars Skin care by Disney

One of the biggest successes of the international Disney brand is the film Cars, and above all boys loved the adventures of the talking cars. Looking at our Shop’s categories will show the large selection of care and cosmetics products available for kids of both genders who want to take these rapid, sporty little numbers into the bathroom with them every day. Both Hand Towels and Bubble Bath with motifs of the individual Cars characters are offered alongside Lip Care products and Hand Soaps which will make your bathroom feel like its part of the cartoon adventure.

Find and order care and cosmetics products from Disney

Of course, Disney doesn’t want to stand out just because of its popular film and TV series motifs, but also because of the quality of its products in ranges such as the Cars range which should amaze you and your kids. With carefully selected ingredients and fragrant essences, daily care will be like child’s play, and cars in the form of Bubble Bath Figures or other designs will help with this. Our selection will help you find out quickly just how extensive the range of Disney care and cosmetics products is. Here, you’re best off choosing products together with your kids to enrich your bathroom even more!