Wild Patchouli Unisex fragrances by Emeshel

The unisex fragrances by Emeshel are impressive due to their special depth of fragrance and the variable adjustment to the wearer’s body. The fragrant substances combine with the skin’s own fragrance and create a unique perfume for each person. The House of Emeshel relies on only the most sought-after perfumers for the fragrance creation: The five masters of their art, Jean-Claude Delville, Michel Almairac, Dominique Preyssas, Delphine Jelk and Philippe Romano are developing elegant fragrances with a completely individual character for Emeshel’s new fragrance collection.

Unisex fragrances - perfume as unique as its wearer

While the names of the perfumers remain in the background and the brand is pushed to the fore in most perfume houses, Emeshel is taking a completely different tack: in the ""Les Cinq Parfumeurs"" Fragrance Collection these perfumers were selected to develop a fragrance according to their own ideas and to present it under their own name. The perfumer’s own signature was not just tolerated, instead it was specifically desired to actually achieve impressive perfume results that have been freely formed by the artist’s own hand. The very personal masterpiece of each of the five perfumers was included in ""Les Cinq Parfumeurs"". In the past, Michel Almairac, an extremely sought-after perfumer and fragrance composer born in Grasse, has already developed masterpieces such as ""Fahrenheit"" by Dior. With Wild Patchouli, Monsieur Almairac opted for the world of unisex fragrances to expand a star. He combines floral and fruity notes in ""Wild Patchouli"". Jasmine, roses and peach as well as blackcurrant extracts emerge, among others. However, the heart note of Wild Patchouli, which distinguishes the fragrance by s wild freshness, is what gives the perfume its name.