Loukoum Delight Women's fragrances by Emeshel

The Emeshel Loukoum Delight Fragrance Line exudes the customary high quality, which fans of the brand very rightly expect. This time the perfume is filled in a quadratic rose-coloured flacon, with brand and series logo to be prominently found on the front. Not unusual for the brand either is the embossed signature of the person responsible on the front - the perfumer Delphine Jelk in this case, who developed this fragrance with a particularly pronounced love of detail. The Loukoum Delight Women’s Fragrances perfectly reflect that trait, as they are seemingly very soft, smooth and perfectly dosed. The perfume in the line always comes perfectly dosed in a 50 ml flacon from which only a few splashes are enough to apply the eau de parfum spray for a long time.

Mellow fragrance with abundant feminine notes

The Emeshel women’s fragrances are by nature a little more feminine and mellow, whereas the men’s and unisex fragrances have already proved that doesn’t always need to be the case under any circumstances. Conversely, Loukoum Delight goes back to the roots and uses a secretive lipstick accord in its top note, which is complemented in the heart note by iris, jasmine and delicate rose - a wonderful floral and above all timeless bouquet. The Emeshel women’s fragrances transcend to white leather and tonka beans in the base of this creation. These somewhat more robust notes guarantee a very beautiful framework in which the lipstick accord and floral bouquet are allowed to develop perfectly and above all freely.