Sweet Folly Women's fragrances by Emeshel

The Sweet Folly Line from the House of Emeshel extends the range of women’s fragrances and is headed by a determinant perfume, which primarily avails itself of fruity, mellow and fundamentally friendly nuances. The fragrance of the line is derived from the eau de parfum spray, which comes in a 50 ml flacon in quadratic form. The front bears the clearly visible brand logo as well as a signature of perfumer Jean-Claude Delville. Here, it is already obvious that the latter is elegantly playing with luxury and typical French style. The flacon itself is swathed in a friendly yellow, the stopper is stylishly resplendent in silver, with the neck of the perfume bearing a prominent engraving.

Feminine fragrance with fruity elements

The Emeshel Sweet Folly Line was released in 2014 and avails itself of abundant fruity women’s fragrances. Is is hardly surprising then that the top note of the perfume in the line is also composed of various fruits. Here, the European raspberry encounters guava and a prominent breeze of mango, to ensure an especially delicious and enjoyable overture, immediately reminiscent of spring and summer. Orange blossoms encounter frangipani in the heart note, before the eau de parfum spray ultimately comes to its spectacular finale in the base note. Here, sandalwood and vanilla are combined. The Sweet Folly Line thus includes beautiful and pleasant women’s fragrances that are rapidly advancing to a sure way of lifting the spirits. The customary high quality of Emeshel, which makes a major impact with this creation as well, sees to that.