Vanilla Oud Women's fragrances by Emeshel

The Vanilla Oud Fragrance Line from the House of Emeshel was first released in 2014 and was able to take the international fragrance shelves of this world by storm. Hardly surprising, as this feminine fragrance of the luxury brand also impresses due to its love of detail and the extraordinary. Feminine accords in this line and in the perfume of the same name encounter various slightly spicy nuances, which ensure a particularly exciting kick and a high degree of variety. The flacon of the line is nothing to sneeze at either. In an elegant silver, it is rounded off by a shimmering stopper, with the main focus being clearly on the front of the perfume flacon. The latter uses the Emeshel brand logo, the series name and, as usual, the signature of the perfumer - Philippe Romano this time.

With a love of detail - heavenly women’s fragrances

The Vanilla Oud Women’s Fragrances in this Emeshel fragrance focus completely on vanilla and the legendary oud, as the name rightly promises. The perfumer combines spicy pink pepper with fruity raspberries in the top note, before the heart note ultimately transcends to sweet vanilla and cypress. The base note uses musk notes, the famous oud accord and, again, part of the vanilla to tellingly defuse its spiciness. The result is magical and especially high-quality women’s fragrance creations, which can soar to new heights in the Vanilla Oud Perfume. The fragrance always uses a quadratic flacon, which accommodates a total of 50 ml of the essences. Thanks to the high intensity, just 1 to 2 splashes are enough for a long perfume experience.