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Especially Elixir
Body Lotion by Escada

150 ml

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Description by Especially Elixir Body Lotion by Escada

The Especially Elixir body lotion by Escada is a real pick-me-up in the summer. The fruity lotioncaptivates with the zesty grapefruit, pear and ambrette seed scent notes, while the heart note is built on a rose scent chord as well as plum and ylang-ylang. In this way, a nurturing and beautifully scented body lotion is created, which envelopes its wearer in a bubble of summery scent nuances and nurturing essences. The lotion’s fragrance stays for the entire day after application and its intensity can be varied according to the amount of lotion used.

Hot-blooded in the evening and pleasantly fresh during the day

The Especially Elixir by Escada is perfected with vanilla from Madagascar and a lovely note of luxurious cashmere. The nurturing effect can be seen after the first application, as the cream can be worn both in the evening and during the day as an invisible accessory thanks to its different scent nuances. This enchanting elixir creates a feeling of well-being and contentment.

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