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Essie nail polish for stunningly beautiful nails

The Essie brand offers women around the world an inspiringly colourful range of Essie nail polishes. The label was founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981 in Las Vegas, where she launched her first six colours. Today Essie is still the number one brand for fans, icons and beauty professionals who like to live their lives with colourful nails.

The first colours ‘blanc’, ‘bordeaux’ and ‘baby’s breath’ are still part of the collection today. Essie isn’t just famous for its wonderful colours, but also for the whimsical names that are given to them. The impressive quality of the products is appreciated by professional nail studios and consumers alike. Essie has created a global brand that is celebrated around the world and on the catwalks.

Essie nail polish: professional home manicures

Essie nail polishes are renowned for their quality. The Essie nail polishes offer flawless coverage thanks to micro-pigments combined with a brush designed by Essie for professional application.

Essie has a comprehensive range of products for home manicures. But it doesn’t just focus on bold colours. Essie also has very effective nail care products and lacquers:

Beautiful nails with Essie

The range includes colour polishes, Essie strengthening and care products and oils for perfect manicure results. There are Essie base coats that help to bond the colour polish to the nail and Essie cutical oil for beautiful cuticles. An Essie top coat adds a beautiful gloss to your nail colour and the innovative nail bonding technology ensures long-lasting results.

Essie has been producing its nail polishes and care products with vegan-only formulae since the end of 2020 and all products are completely free of animal-derived ingredients. The brand has set itself some high quality benchmarks. All nail polishes are developed by experts in the USA and manufactured exclusively in the EU.

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