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New fragrances

The requirements made of fragrances, perfumes, and beauty products are as individual as the personality of each customer. Therefore, the beauty market is also characterised by a simply incalculable variety of brands, manufacturers, and products, which, with a wide variety of ingredients and fragrances, strive to meet customers’ desires.

This is why we like to give you an overview of the newest fragrances and body care products on the market - to make the ordeal of choosing easier.

Classic fragrances redesigned

These days, various brand manufacturers are extending their offering by expanding the range of the classics on their fragrance lines by new ingredients and compositions. For example, Hugo Boss presents the men’s fragrances Hugo Boss Boss Bottled and Hugo under a new guise – that is, a shower gel – with which men can have a fresh start to the day.

It is similar in the world of women’s fragrance. With the shower gel Pour Femme from Lacoste,/a> for example, every woman can pamper herself in the shower with famous fragrances combined with great-smelling new fragrances and aromas.

Even in the actual art of perfumery itself, there are new things waiting to be discovered every day. One long-running success in the world of women’s fragrance is Dior’s J’adore. With the new perfume spray J‘adore L’Or Essence, you can wrap yourself in the aromas of the classic in their purest and most luxurious form.

Something new in all areas of cosmetics

A well-groomed, beautiful body begins with purity of the skin. So get the limited edition size of the body lotion Eau Pure from Biotherm now and indulge your skin with fresh, aromatic care every day.

If, on the other hand, you like to follow beauty trends in the field of make-up, adorn you lips with nude tones with the lipstick Soft Sensation Color & Care from Astor.

So whether you are searching for a new aftershave or an extravagant, sensual Eau de Toilette, or are interested in exclusive skin care or new fragrances– Parfumdreams always keeps you up to date with the latest new products from famous brand manufacturers in the areas of fragrances and cosmetics!