Ninfeo Mio Men's fragrances by Goutal

This precious perfume from the house of Annick Goutal is a brilliant composition from high-quality ingredients, which evoke dreams of sunshine, warmth and early summer. Some fragrances create a lightness, a focus on the liveliness, which brings a smile to the faces of all those who encounter it. The men’s fragrance Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal is one of these enchanting fragrances, which gives a golden shimmer to the sweet memories of sunny days.

Ninfeo Mio directs your imagination to a special garden with its precious ingredients, such as galbanum, verbena, lemon tree, citrus flavours, bitter orange, pine wood, cedar wood, and last but not least, lovely lavender, which gives a hint of sweetness and nostalgia to the citrus and bitter flavoured composition. With this men’s fragrance, you keep a slice of summer even in the middle of winter.