Les Absolus Unisex fragrances by Goutal

In the composition of this exclusive unisex fragrance, Annick Goutal was inspired by the scents of the Orient. To create a pleasing balance between masculine and feminine nuances is an art in itself. Annick Goutal has mastered the art, as this creation proves.

Three unisex fragrances make up the new Les Absolus line and will captivate with their symmetry and individuality: Vanilla Charnelle, Ambre Sauvage and 1001 Ouds. Fine and precious ingredients bestow on each perfume in the range a touch of exclusivity and luxury: Rose and myrrh, woody notes such as birch or guajak, sensual-earthy nuances such as musk, ylang-ylang or vetiver all combine harmoniously in this fragrant composition, which has won fans amongst perfume experts right across the spectrum.

Sometimes it just has to be something a little special, something unique to lift you out of the everyday. For these special moments in life, the fragrances of the Les Absolus range were created. Every perfume in the

Annick Goutal Les Absolus

range comes in an elegant bottle that accentuates the exclusivity of the line with its discreet design. If you’re looking for an exclusive fragrance that combines sensuousness and lust for life with luxury and depth, you will love this line, which has already become a highlight in the world of unisex fragrances, whether as an extra special gift for a loved one or for yourself.