Ineke Parfum

Ineke - Perfumer San Francisco describes the perfumer Ineke Rühland as simply and precisely as possible. The perfumer, who grew up in Canada, fulfilled her dream back in the late 1980s when she moved to Europe to further develop her professional aspirations in England, the Netherlands and France. She later studied at ISIPCA in Versailles, a famous, internationally renowned finishing school for perfumers. Shortly afterwards, Rühland relocated to San Francisco and created her own brand, under which several women’s fragrances have since been designed. These fragrances combine classic essences with exceptional extracts to create unique and fragrant perfume.

Perfume direct from San Franciso

The brand’s famous lines include Gilded Lily, Hothouse Flower, Evening Edged in Gold, Balmy Days & Sundays and After My Own Heart. It becomes apparent just from the name that the luxurious perfumes combine various floral notes to produce a friendly and ultra-light shroud of perfume. The excellent fragrances are all designed by Ms Rühland herself and build on her decades of experience as an international perfumer.