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Sensational Silk Experience by KOH

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Description by Nail care Sensational Silk Experience by KOH

Product sub-line: Skin care
Range: Nail care
Description: Sensational Silk Experience
Skin: dry skin

Hands with youthful radiance - A moisturising Day Cream which gives hands a smooth, silky soft feeling. The calming extract of the violet orchid soaks into skin amazingly quickly.- The added ceramides ensure that skin maintains its youthful radiance. Ideal care for thin skin - Sensational Silk Experience is able to slow down the oxidation of fats, so called lipid peroxidation, thanks to the added ceramides. At the same time, this active ingredient promotes the production of new skin lipids. Against pigment irregularities and sallow complexion - In combination with the light protection factor 10, this protective effect prevents skin from looking sallow or pigmented moles appearing. Against dry skin . The intensely moisturising formula is suitable for regulating your skin’s transdermal water content, which is proven to improve skin’s moisture content. Against wrinkles and slackness - Sensational Silk Experience alleviates fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin’s tension and elasticity. Use: Apply to clean, dry skin on hands several times a day, as required, and after contact with water. The Cream soaks into skin immediately. Result: Sensationally gentle hands and ideal protection against skin ageing.

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