Ambre Gris Unisex fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo

Unisex fragrances are the speciality of the international brand Perris Monte Carlo, which, from the Mediterranean, issues high-quality creations for men and women. The Ambre Gris version belongs to the most well known fragrance ranges by the company and relies on amber in the top note, one of the most well known essences in the global manufacture of perfume. The spicy yet fresh fragrance is captured in an elegant flaçon, which is known in many versions of Perris Monte Carlo and radiates the highest level of elegance thanks to its golden colour. However, you don’t have to worry about high prices for fragrances from the brand in our Online Shop.

Striking perfume with leading amber note

Centuries ago the striking smelling raw material amber was taken from the digestive system of whales. Today, fragrances with the striking essence do without the substance from the animal and instead amber is manufactured synthetically and in the process ensures a impression that is completely true to the original. This is also the case for Ambre Gris by Perris Monte Carlo, which also uses many other essences for the refreshing and spicy overall impression. Like all unisex fragrances Ambre Gris is more of a subtle scent in order to appeal to the preferences of both men and women equally and to be an appropriate choice for many occasions.

Order elegant unisex fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo at a low price

All fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo stand for sophisticated flair and are sometimes marketed as real luxury perfumes with a Mediterranean charm. Ambre Gris and other issues by the manufacturer play an equally important role in our range and can be ordered at an attractive price. If you want to rely on first-class perfume every day or for special occasions and love amber as a fragrance note, you will be making the right choice with this flaçon. In addition, we are inviting you to get to know other unisex fragrances by the elite manufacturer and always gain price benefits by ordering on the Internet.