Essence de Patchouli Unisex fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo

Unisex fragrances with an elite note are the speciality of Perris Monte Carlo, which has been able to triumph with its fragrances from the Mediterranean coast. The perfume from the manufacturer has also been very popular in Germany for many years and caters to the tastes of men and women for special occasions in life. With Essence de Patchouli Perris Monte Carlo offers one of its most popular fragrances, which carries its name in its striking top note. Our range relies on the whole fragrance selection from the international brand and lets you discover many other essences at attractive order prices.

Get an elegant fragrance with Essence de Patchouli

Patchouli comes from the mint family, which has a long tradition in the manufacture of perfume and is also produced by many perfume brands in synthetic variations. The unisex fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo cover all preferences and popular trends in the perfume world, meaning that fragrances with the striking and spicy fragrance of patchouli cannot be missing. The leading fragrance notes are used subtly in the Essence de Patchouli version and other realisations by the manufacturer. Through this the perfume brand ensures that the fragrances appeal equally to men and women and lead to an adequate fragrance note.

Experience unisex fragrances of the highest quality close up

Globally, Perris Monte Carlo has made a name for itself with exciting perfume and the exquisite note is not just emphasised with the slim flaçon with a gold look. You still do not have worry about an excessively high purchase price for the unisex fragrances from the company if you get them from our range. In addition to Essence de Patchouli we have all the fragrance ranges from the company that also has high-quality anti-ageing care products for women. If you prefer exclusive or striking perfumes you will also find suggestions from other well known brands that you can easily acquire online and enjoy inexpensive order prices!