Oud Imperial Unisex fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo

Oud fragrances are one of the positive trends in modern perfumery and are offered by numerous brands in unusual essences and combinations. The international perfume house Perris Monte Carlo, known for its selection of elegant unisex fragrances, also relies on the woody and spicy character of oud and now offers this in many fragrances. A popular choice is Oud Imperial as an exquisite combination of the main note with further fresh essences that appeal to women and men alike. Perfume from the international manufacturer is offered in all collections in our Online Shop and will also make you want to make a quality-conscious order at an inexpensive price.

Experience a unique fragrant resin with Perris Monte Carlo

Oud is the resin of an exotic tree that is either used in the original or produced synthetically in a similar way to amber and other essences. Unisex fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo that are marketed as perfume in the premium segment, rely on an authentic character that is not too intense or overpowering with it being a unisex fragrance, in Oud Imperial and other products. Based on an elite concept by the Mediterranean perfume house, Oud Imperial is offered in a golden flaçon which is an elegant eye-catcher in your bathroom at home or on holiday.

Experience exciting fragrances by Perris Monte Carlo at a good price

Perris Monte Carlo has made a name for itself as a specialist for sophisticated unisex fragrances, including in Germany. Perfume from the brand is being worn more and more frequently on special occasions. If you would like to experience Oud Imperial and other fragrances from the brand and don’t want to pay over the odds then our Online Shop can help you. As a varied and experienced shop for perfume we are in the position to offer real branded fragrances online at attractive conditions. Of course, this also applies to care products or cosmetics that complement our fragrances and will enrich your life as real branded products from well known manufacturers at a good price!