Bee Venom Skin care by Rodial

As the name already suggests, the Rodial Bee Venom range of cosmetic products was made with the aid of bee venom. That sounds more remarkable to begin with than it actually is, as it has been well-known for many years that bee venom is indeed able to exert a healing and even anti-ageing effect when combined with other extracts. This range of care products by Rodial combines bee venom with Cyclopeptide-5, thus creating a unique stem cell complex that ensures an active exchange of cells, heals the cells in question and also stimulates the durability of stem cells too.

Pleasant care products from bees

The Bee Venom range of cosmetic products by Rodial includes products that can be specifically applied to your face and body. Products that can be used include moisturising creams with bee venom, but there are also a number of special eye or sun care products that are covered by this range of high quality products. The products aim to increase the elasticity of your skin, which is why Bio-marine Collagen 6 is blended into the majority of the items in this range. The Bee Venom products smell wonderfully fresh and sweet, and they all stand out as well in a jazzy yellow shade.