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Pinceau Phyto Touche by Sisley

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Description by Brushes Pinceau Phyto Touche by Sisley

Product sub-line: Accessories
Range: Brushes
Description: Pinceau Phyto Touche

Its professional shape allows easy use, for a bright, sculptured complexion. The particularly soft, fine and silky natural hair is ideal for applying a delicate touch of powder or blusher.

For an individually variable make-up from very natural to highly refined.

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Use by Brushes Pinceau Phyto Touche by Sisley

Take a little of the light toned Phyto-Touches onto the brush and apply it to your whole face. Then use the darker tone in order to make light reflections on the highlighted areas of your face.

Wash with mild soap or shampoo, rinse and pat dry without twisting the bristles. Leave to dry but not near sources of heat. Shake the bristles after drying so that they get their original volume back.

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