Snowberry Skin care

The Snowberry Anti-Ageing-System for the skin is based on the Intensive Renewal Face Serum, a bio-peptide serum, which imitates the skin’s natural mechanism, thus reducing oxidative and proteolytic damage caused by free radicals and proteinases, strengthening the connective tissue and firming the skin. Like the optimally hydrating and moisturising Day and Night Cream, the Face Serum also contains Snowberry’s BioNutria, a legally protected, natural micro-emulsion system for maximum absorption of active ingredients, which promotes natural growth and cell regeneration and generates a long-lasting skin hydration.
All Snowberry products contribute towards an efficient 24-hour anti-ageing system. The facial cleanser and peeling cleanse quickly and gently. However, they were developed in such a way as to actively restore and preserve the skin’s ideal pH-value and to support the skin’s health with their excellent cleansing properties.