Hydro Harmony Skin care by Stendhal

Since the corporate foundation, Stendhal has had its own research and development laboratory, which is now situated in an ultramodern location in Southern France. This gives Stendhal the complete autonomy to avail itself of the latest scientific developments, the most efficient active agents and the most highly developed formulas. ydro Harmony....A care line with intensively moisturising and purging products. With Hydro Harmony, Stendhal offers you a care line that gives you a new skin, by purging and refreshing the epidermis. Captinine H, glycoprotein acquired from the seeds of the almond tree, has a moisture-regulating and moisture-binding effect and forms a protective film on the skin. Détoxinase +, a purging hydroglycol solution, frees the skin of all impurities and slags and captures the free radicals, thus enabling the skin to preserve its cell balance.