Tocca Skin care

Tocca is an internationally recognised designer brand, which has found its beginnings in winter 1994. At that time, a small group of people met almost by chance, who founded Tocca together a little while later. The first collections caused a stir especially with their eccentric and extravagant looks. Tube-shaped dresses and colourful nuances cause just as many astonished stares as the comprehensive focus on mini dresses. Almost 2 decades later, Tocca is not just represented in the fashion world, but also captivates with its very own fragrances.

Style and sensitive caresses

The name of the brand comes from the Italian language and means “touch”. This principle also applies for the perfume, because the various women’s perfume collections have an exceptionally sensitive effect and convey the feeling of a soft caress on the skin and the nose. 6 prominent fragrance lines create a multi-faceted fragrance experience, which can be specially tuned to current feelings, your own preferences, the season and even your own outfit. All fragrance lines have one thing in common: high-quality ingredients and a fine feeling for the extravagant.