VitaJuwel Accessoires

The healing power of stones and minerals has been handed down over centuries.VitaJuwel offers a select gemstone assortment for every mood which balance body and soul, and contribute to wellness. Alongside the wellness effects of the gemstones, the gemstone assortments by this manufacturer can also be used for practical goals such as developing the aroma of wine or other drinks more strongly. For this VitaJuwel offers special stands and carafes for easy handling of the various gemstone assortments.

Experience wellness through the power of gemstones

Our online shop offers a large selection of products by VitaJuwel, which includes more than just the gemstone assortments and containers. To use these properly, and primarily to discover which stones are suitable for which people and goals, there are also books and DVDs available. These let you quickly find out which stones are associated with which powers and how these can henceforth effect your every day life. Online we offer more items by this brand, to rediscover wellness at an attractive price.