Knot Women's fragrances by Bottega Veneta

Knot by Bottega Veneta is an irresistible fragrance with unobtrusive finish whose subtle aura is enchanting. Refreshing exotic notes of clementine combine in this perfume with the rich, flowery harmony of the rose, the mild aroma of pleasant lavender and the lasting sensuousness of peony. The secretive base note of tonka beans and vitalising musk ensure a passionate, timeless structure of this women’s fragrance.The knot-like closure of the knot-clutch created in 2001 was the inspiration for the design of these Bottega Veneta women’s fragrances. The iconic knot as matt golden stopper decorates the bottle, which also tastefully cloaks the gold-coloured perfume.To complement the perfume, the Knot series also includes a body lotion, a body cream and a shower gel. Also available is a gift set with which you can treat yourself or others.

Luxurious fragrances inspired by the knot

Bottega Veneta is the epitome of luxurious leather goods. Since its foundation in 1966 the company has set a new standard in the world of luxury. The legendary advertising slogan ""When your own initials are enough""indicates a philosophy full of self-confidence and individuality, which is now applied to a multi-faceted product range including both men’s and women’s clothing as well as furniture items and fine jewellery..As lissom as noble leather and just as individual as a personal signature are the women’s perfumes by this label. Inspired by Veneto, an Italian province, they are captivating due to the perfect balance between art and nature and form a stylish composition of sophistication and sensuousness.