Fruity perfumes

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Fruity fragrances – aromatic and invigorating

Fruity fragrances are a great choice for both men and women. Fruity perfumes with floral base notes can accentuate the delicate beauty of a woman. Their delicate aromas have an invigorating effect and immediately put you in a good mood. As a result, they are suitable for daytime wear as well as for celebratory evening events.

These fragrances include wonderful, exotic, fruity scents such as bergamot, orange, mandarin, mango and banana. Recognising well-known aromas such as raspberry, apple, pear and quince allows warm and familiar feelings to arise and promotes a wonderful sense of well-being.

Fruity perfumes for women

The fruity notes of Lancôme La Nuit Trésor combined with floral and oriental scents give this perfume a mysterious aura. Selected essences from heady black cherry and sweet raspberry make Emporio Armani In Love With You feminine and mysterious, while at the same time light and upbeat.

In the case of the iconic MUGLER Angel, the imaginative combination of bergamot, fruity peach and floral nuances results in a wonderful, fruity perfume that is ideal for sensual and mysterious women.

Fruity perfumes for women such as Valentino Valentina perfume are elegant, sophisticated and seductive, and accentuate the wearer's femininity.

Memories of adventurous trips to the sea are evoked by Maison Margiela Beach Walk. Lemon, coconut and bergamot give this fruity perfume an exotic touch. The imaginatively designed Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf makes you think of colourful sweets with its fruity scent. Whereas Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss accentuates the cheeky, sensual side of any woman.

Invigorating and fresh – fruity fragrances for men

The sensual yet masculine Prada L'Homme plays with the contrasts of fruity scents and spicy nuances. In the case of Valentino Coral Fantasy, the fruity scent of apple adds interesting accents to the spicy base note with patchouli and tobacco.

The fruity scent of apple can also be found in Spirit Of The Brave by Diesel. Beautifully combined with woody and oriental notes, this fragrance awakens the spirit of adventure. Men who love speed and taking risks will appreciate the seductive, masculine side of Ralph Lauren Polo Red with its blend of spicy and fruity scents.

Buy fruity perfumes

Fruity fragrances for men or fruity perfumes for women? When it comes to the exclusive unisex perfumes with fruity notes, you don't even have to ask. It all comes down to personal taste. Maison Margiela Springtime In A Park is simply beautiful and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face with its delicate scents of pear, lily of the valley and musk.

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