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Hand cream for soft hands

Hands are exposed to extreme conditions day after day. The cold, sun, dryness, constant hand washing and disinfectant put the delicate skin of your hands under enormous strain. And this leads to dry and cracked areas. Unattractive and unpleasant.

Hand creams are secret weapons to prevent this happening to your skin. They nourish and repair dry skin and leave hands soft and smooth. A premium hand cream enriched with a variety of additives not only leaves hands soft, but also helps to improve irritated areas and minor damage caused by dryness

Nourishing hand cream for noticeably soft hands

Regular use is a must to restore softness to your hands. Very dry, chapped hands need a rich hand cream, whereas skin not so damaged can be treated with a light care lotion. Even the best hand creams consist mainly of oil and water. The balance between the two determines whether it is a rich, intensive hand cream or a light lotion.

Unperfumed hand cream for sensitive skin

The skin on the hands is often very sensitive. Various fragrances may cause particularly sensitive skin additional irritation. If this is the case, we recommend a hand cream with no added fragrances or perfume. At parfumdreams, you will not only find pleasantly scented hand creams, you can also find unperfumed hand creams and hand creams for particularly dry hands. Calendula and chamomile are natural additives that are also suitable for dry hands. Their soothing and anti-inflammatory effects make them ingredients that are a firm favourite for rich hand creams.

Buy the best hand cream for every type at parfumdreams

parfumdreams delivers every product for your beauty routine right to your door. There’s a good selection of rich hand creams, light hand lotions and intensive hand masks for you to choose from. Whether you want to give your hands a light treatment or need a rich cream on a regular basis to cope with heavy workloads, you’ll find the perfect hand cream in the large selection available at parfumdreams.