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Mascara for expressive eyes

Mascara is a must-have product when it comes to make-up. Mascara emphasises the lashes, makes the eyes more expressive and can be applied in a flash. If there was just one make-up product that no bathroom should be without, it’s mascara.

Which mascara suits me?

A good mascara doesn’t have to be expensive. What effect you can achieve with your mascara depends not only on the mascara, but also on the texture of your own eyelashes. If you want to use mascara to create sexy smoky eyes for the evening, or if you just want to highlight your eyes as part of a light daytime make-up routine, this also plays a role in determining what the best mascara is to use.

First of all, you have to decide on a colour of mascara. Black is the classic or most popular colour, but there are also mascaras in:

  • brown
  • blue
  • green
  • purple

Whatever you like is allowed. Mascara can also be used to add specific highlights. While black or brown may be more appropriate for everyday wear, you can go for blue on the weekend at a party. You can also apply a classic black or brown mascara to the upper lash line and a bolder colour to the lower lash line.

Mascara – lasting in all situations

Whether you want your mascara to be waterproof or not is also an important buying decision. While water-soluble mascara consists mainly of water, does not damage the lashes and can be easily removed, waterproof mascara dries out the lashes more quickly and can make them more fragile. However, waterproof mascara can withstand swimming pools, tears and rain. It is also better suited for contact lens wearers or people with watery eyes.

Waterproof mascara requires cleaning with a special oil-based make-up remover, which takes a little longer. It's best to use water-soluble mascara for everyday use to protect your lashes and only use the waterproof version for fancy occasions, rainy weather or if you have sensitive eyes.

How important is the brush for mascara?

You can tell which mascara is best for you by the brush. While thick plastic brushes add volume and density to the lashes, fine, spiral-shaped silicone brushes give them more definition. Curved brushes follow the natural curvature of the lash line, making it easier to reach the lashes and creating a stronger curl when applying mascara.

If you have fine lashes and want to make them thicker, use a short, thick brush. If your lashes are already long and full, use a fine silicone brush that separates and accentuates your lashes.

A good mascara does not flake

You can recognise the best mascara by the fact that it does not flake, clump or smudge on the eyes. You usually have to try several mascaras before settling on a product that you'll keep buying. Finding the best mascara is the holy grail of make-up, because full, thick and slightly lengthened lashes give your eyes that certain something

If your mascara starts flaking, it means that it’s a little on the old side and drying out. It’s high time for a new one.