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Nail files – indispensable helpers for nail care

There are many different types of nail files but they have one thing in common: You can cut and shape your nails precisely with them. By contrast to e.g. nail scissors and nail clippers with a nail file you can go about things in a more controlled fashion to achieve the exact nail shape you want.

Nail files differ mainly through the nail file grit grade and the material used. Very coarse nail files have a low grit grade. They are especially suitable for very hard fingernails and toenails. Plus, you can shorten the nails very quickly with them. Nail files with a fine grit have a higher grit grade. They are perfect if you want to shape your nails, have brittle nails and/or only want to file a small area.

What types of nail files are there?

  • Glass nail files: these are extremely long-lasting and gentle on the nail. They are also perfect for brittle nails.
  • Sapphire nail files: these are also long-lasting but are more suitable for hard, strong nails as they are coarser.
  • Sandpaper nail files: these are very inexpensive but not especially long-lasting. They are suitable for hard nails. Coarse sandpaper nail files are also suitable for gel nails.

How to use nail files correctly

There are some things that you should pay attention to when filing your nails – especially if your nails are brittle and sensitive.

  • Only file your nails when they are completely dry. If the nails are still damp, there is a danger that the nails will split after filing.
  • Begin with a coarser nail file, if you want to cut your nails really short. If your nails are brittle, you are better off using a finer nail file in this step too.
  • To shape your nails, a fine nail file is best.
  • Brittle nails should always be filed in one direction only. This roughens the nail less and thus prevents the nails from splitting.

After filing, you can use a nail hardener. It strengthens your nails and is perfect as an undercoat for coloured nail polish.

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