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Body groomers for men

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Body trimmers for men remove unwanted hair

A lot of men choose to trim or completely remove body hair. Chest hair, underarm hair, back hair and hair in the genital area – that’s a lot of zones that can be worked on with a body shaver for men.

Special body groomers for men help to gently remove hair from the respective skin areas, causing as little irritation as possible.

Why do men need a special body groomer?

Using the same razor for the body as for the face is not a good idea. After all, removing body hair involves different challenges than facial hair. The shaving area is much larger and ergonomics are also different on those parts of the body.

Just running a facial razor over your chest hair will wear out the blades too quickly and you also run the risk of getting a poorer result. There is also a risk of bacteria from the intimate area or underarm region remaining on the razor and then being transported to your face. Reaching your back is also pretty difficult – you need special tools for that.

This is why it is crucial you choose the right body groomer for men

Shaving always stresses the skin. Razor blades don’t just remove hair, they also remove the top layer of skin. This stresses and irritates the skin, making it dry. In the worst case, you may even get a small cut that bleeds a little. After shaving, there is also a risk that the hairs will grow in and become inflamed. So, choosing the right men’s body groomer is essential.

  • Manual shaver for a wet shave: Men who prefer a wet shave and like removing all their hair should use a different razor blade for the body than the one used for the face. This keeps the shave hygienic.
  • Electric body shavers: They come under the name body groomer or body hair trimmer and work in a similar way. Thanks to various attachments, body hair can be removed from a wide range of places in a reliable and gentle manner. A body groomer can be used for trimming as well as for complete removal of body hair. The attachments take into account the ergonomics of different parts of the body and you can even take many electric shavers into the shower with you. The advantage of electric shavers is that you usually don’t need additional shaving foam. The blades also last much longer than with a wet shave. There are special attachments for men's body shavers for the back - a telescopic wand extends the handle and helps you achieve a smooth back on your own.

Body trimmers for men: These are the things to look out for when buying

When buying a body groomer for men. there are several things you need to consider:

  • Is the electric shaver powered by cable or does it have a rechargeable battery?
  • How long is the battery life?
  • Is the body groomer waterproof?
  • For wet shavers: How many blades does the shaver have?

Many manufacturers try to outdo each another by having as many blades as possible. Bear in mind that the more blades a shaver has, the more expensive it is to buy replacement blades. Basically, you could say that you can achieve a more precise result with a few blades and a closer shave with more blades.

Always clean body trimmers after shaving

You should always clean body groomers for men after use. This not only rinses the cut hairs from the blades, but also gets rid of bacteria. Electric razors have detachable razor heads. The blades can be rinsed under running water with mild soap.

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