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Bath oil and bath milk for the ultimate relaxation at home

Create a spa experience in your own bathroom with beautifully-scented and nourishing bath oilsand calmingbath milk. A soak with natural substances featuring bath oils not only gives you a breather from daily life, it also gives the skin much-needed moisture. Quality oils and mild bath milks are extremely beneficial for dry skin in particular.

Bath oils for dry skin: Gentle care

Find a wide selection of bath oils for every skin type at parfumdreams. Rich oils such as almond or jojoba are well-suited to severely dry skin. They both contain high quantities of fatty acids to naturally balance the skin’s loss of moisture.

Soothe your soul and enhance your well-being with the right bath additives, while also gently cleansing and nourishing your skin.

How bath oils benefit dry skin

The natural ingredients contained in premium bath oils for dry skin stay on the skin like protective shields for long-lasting hydration. This helps to regenerate patches of dry skin for a soft and supple feeling.

Depending on the composition, bath oils can provide intensive moisture. With regular use, dry and tight skin can be improved.

Take a break from everyday life with essential bath oils

Bath oils offer more than gentle cleansing and care for dry skin. Their natural aromas also relax the mind and allow for respite from everyday stressors.

Even after exercise or a tough hike, by adding quality bath oils to your bath, you can relax and revive your skin and muscles.

Bath oils for every mood and skin type

  • Soothing bath oils contain lavender and lemon balm oil.
  • Bath oils for pain relief are often enriched with jasmine, rosewood, or arnica oil.
  • Refreshing and stimulating bath oils are enriched with orange, rosemary or eucalyptus oil.
  • Sea buckthorn and turmeric are genuine booster oils which activate your senses
  • Avocado, almond and jojoba oil are suited to gentle care for severely dry skin. Sandalwood oil is a natural essential oil which can be added to your bath.

Tip for your feet: Refreshing bath oils with essential additives like peppermint, sage or eucalyptus, are especially suited to refreshing and cleansing foot soaks.

Shop bath milk and bath oil for dry skin

parfumdreams offers you a huge range of nourishing bath milksbath oilsfor dry skin. Shop your bath products online or treat your best friend, mum or favourite co-worker.