After shave balms & lotions

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After shave balsam – gentle care for post shave

A wet shave can put a lot of stress on your skin. Facial skin needs extra care after shaving. If a regular after shave is too intense, go for a milder after shave balm. It combines the disinfecting properties of an aftershave with the caring and hydrating characteristics of a face cream for men. The low alcohol content makes it gentle enough to soothe skin after shaving.

After shave lotion as part of your skincare routine

After shave lotion can be applied to other areas of your body besides your face. Every area of your skin can benefit from its caring properties – especially if it has a tendency to break out in shaving pimples. The first step is always to test if the aftershave lotion is well-tolerated on that particular patch of skin, with the exception of the genital area. For this highly sensitive part of the body, there are extra mild creams available to prevent shaving pimples.

Skincare shouldn’t stop with your after shave balm, however. To prepare skin for the day ahead, apply a moisturiser too. If you want to give your skin extra attention, add a face serum to your routine, which is applied before the moisturiser.

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Applied after shaving, an after shave balm transforms irritated skin into smooth healthy skin that smells great. Most perfumers stock after shave lotions to go with their fragrance lines, so you can envelope yourself in your favourite scent.