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Hair powder: Styling classic with a variety of effects

Back in the late 18th century, hair powder was all the rage at the French court – now, this hair care product is making a triumphant return. Discover the versatile effects of hair powder, perfect for achieving fabulous hairdos.

The effects of hair powder include:

  • boosting your hair with more volume, making plaited hairstyles, updos or even just wearing your hair down look even better. This is where special volume powder works wonders.
  • The hair powder contains sebum, which absorbs oils and eliminates greasy shine from the hair roots and scalp.
  • Hair powder adds texture to the hair, making it ideal for fine hair or when creating elegant updos.

These effects are a result of the micro-particles present in the hair powder. They contain starch, water and silicates, delivering the desired effects.

Volume powder in a practical packaging

Hair powder is a fine, loose, typically white powder available in a container, not a spray bottle like dry shampoo. The lid of the container has tiny holes so that you can apply the powder directly to the roots or hair.

Hair powder is also called volumizing powder as it is perfect for creating added volume. Flat hair is a thing of the past, thanks to hair powder. Achieve effortlessly chic looks and stunning volume with this must-have styling product.

Hair powder: How do you use it?

Hair powder is easy to use:

  • It is applied to dry hair before styling, spray it from the can directly onto the roots. For a more subtle application, you can also begin by putting it in your hands and working it in.
  • Make sure you spread the volumizing powder evenly to avoid any noticeable traces. Just use your fingertips for this. You can also start creating volume in this step.
  • If your hair loses its volume during the day, you can easily revive it by giving it a quick shake.
  • If your hair tends to get oily quickly or hasn’t been washed in the morning, you can also apply the powder again during the day to get rid of the greasy shine.
  • Certain hairstyles call for a specific way of applying the product. For example, if you love sporting a bun, it’s best to work the hair powder all the way down to the ends. If you love plaited hairstyles, begin by putting the hair powder in your hands, rubbing it between your palms, and then evenly distributing it throughout the length.

You can revive yesterday’s hairstyles with hair volumizing powder, in case you’re short on time and can’t wash your hair. This also gives your hair a less greasy and subtly matte appearance – for a fresh look just like on day one!

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Before going to bed, you should remove the hair powder, otherwise your hair will get very tousled during the night. The easiest way to remove it is by simply washing your hair with shampoo. This washes the volumizing powder out of your hair. If you can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to wash you hair, then you can simply brush out the hair powder. Simply brush from your roots down to the ends and give it a good, vigorous brush several times.

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