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Shampoo for men: Daily care for healthy hair

Fresh and well-groomed - that’s how men’s hair should appear. Good, regular care is what’s needed to make this happen, even for men.

To ensure the best possible results, there are of course hair shampoos and conditioners suitable for men that care for, shine and strengthen the hair..

Shampoos for men – fragrance and care in one

To keep hair shiny and soft, don’t use a shower gel instead of shampoo on a regular basis. Even though both products contain cleansing ingredients, shower gel and men's shampoo have different additives to suit the respective body region.

For instance, men's shampoo contains concentrated cleansing ingredients to easily remove residue from hair styling products. The nourishing ingredients in men’s shampoos also help to meet the hair’s very individual needs, such as

  • more shine
  • easier combability
  • longer colour retention
  • more intensive care for stressed hair

and make it even smoother.

Shampoo for men depends on the type of guy!

  • Men have it as well: Different types of hair. From oily hair to hair loss - men also have to deal with a number of personal hair problems. That’s why there are special care shampoos for men for every type of hair.
  • Oily hair is caused by high sebum production and quickly looks scruffy. Herbal shampoos such as nettle or chamomile are good for preventing this. These suppress the production of oil and care for the irritated scalp.
  • Thinning hair up to hair loss can be well cared for with shampoos containing Aloe Vera extract. Rosemary and proteins are also popular ingredients. These additives stimulate hair growth and strengthen the individual hair from the outside.
  • Dandruff is annoying. Men's shampoos that clear up dandruff and care for the sensitive scalp at the same time are mild and don’t deprive the scalp of oils.
  • Grey hair in men is not a no-go, in fact, a lot of people find it attractive. There are special hair shampoos for men with violet or blue colour pigments that help to make grey hair stand out. These shampoos give a radiant silver shine without any undesirable undertones.

Intense care: Hair conditioners for men

Caring for men’s hair doesn’t just stop with shampooing. A hair conditioner is the best way to care for hair and close the protective layer of the hair fibres. There are also different kinds of conditioner that men can use to care for their hair, depending on their hair type. They are easy to use. After washing your hair, apply a hazelnut-sized portion of conditioner to the ends of your hair, leave on for a few moments and rinse thoroughly.

Nowadays, there are also 2-in-1 products that combine hair shampoo and conditioner for men. This combination is a good alternative to conventional products, especially when travelling or showering at the gym.

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