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Women’s deodorant: Feel fresh all day long

Most women see deodorant as an essential part of their morning care routine. No matter challenges the day may bring: a good deodorant ensures that that fresh feeling last from morning till night. Plus it gives the wearer a subtle scent. In our online shop, you are sure to find the right deodorant for you, whether that be classic and functional or luxurious and nourishing. parfumdreams has something for everyone.

How to deodorants work for women?

The most important function of a deodorant is to prevent unpleasant odours from sweat. However, it is not sweat in and of itself that causes this unpleasant smell. Sweat has the natural function of regulating our body temperature. It is actually the tiny bacteria in our armpits that cause this body odour, encouraged by a moist climate. This is where women’s deodorant comes in, preventing bacterial growth with its anti-bacterial ingredients. Many women’s deodorants also contain complementary fragrances that make unpleasant odours disappear.

What types of women’s deodorant are available?

Women’s deodorants now come in the most varied forms. You should select the type of your deodorant based on which one makes your skin feel best.

  • Women’s deodorant sprays: a spray is easy to apply and is suitable for repeated application. It also dries very quickly and leaves your skin with a nice, dry feeling. In emergencies, you can also use it to cover up body odour on pieces of clothing.
  • Women’s roll-on deodorant: this type of deodorant is compact, making it good for travelling. The liquid can be applied selectively, but should be left to dry well before getting dressed as otherwise it case leave unsightly stains on the clothes.
  • Women’s deodorant stick: deodorant sticks come in a solid but nonetheless creamy form which is easy to apply to the armpits. This type of deodorant boasts nourishing ingredients that soothe sensitive skin.
  • Women’s deodorant cream: deodorant creams are especially rich and often contain nourishing ingredients. They are simply applied with the hands similarly to a body cream. They are especially suited to sensitive skin which required long-lasting protection from body odour.

What ingredients are contained in women’s deodorants?

Many women’s deodorants contain aluminium salts which reduce the production of sweat and therefore keep the armpits dry. However, an increasing number of manufacturers are avoiding this ingredient, as its long-term health consequences have not been sufficiently researched. So anyone who wants to to be on the safe side should opt for deodorants without aluminium or those that have been formulated especially for sensitive skin.

Women’s deodorants: perfumed or unscented?

Whether you should go for a perfumed or unscented deodorant depends entirely on your skin. Nourishing formulas without fragrances are more suitable for sensitive skin, as these additives can irritate the skin. Insensitive skin benefits from perfumed deodorants that keep the wear enveloped in a fresh scent all day long.

High-quality women’s deodorants to complement perfume

Popular women’s fragrances often have a matching deodorant. This ensures that the scents of the deodorant and the perfume do not conflict or that one product overpowers the other. With the matching deodorant and other care products, you can put together a great gift set. Find all matching products at parfumdreams now.

Find your new favourite deodorant at at great price at parfumdreams

Check out parfumdreams and freshen up your everyday routine. No matter if you want to extend the feeling of a fresh shower, complement your favourite perfume or simply want to feel protected: our range of women’s deodorants leaves nothing to be desired. Discover our nourishing and luxuriously scented deodorants at affordable prices online now.

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