Parfums De Marly

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Parfums de Marly – French, authentic, bold

The Parfums de Marly brand stands for bold compositions that captures the lifestyle of the Château de Marly in each of its sophisticated fragrances. The French flair is not only reflected in the fragrance of Parfums de Marly. The bottles too make an impression with their grandiose elegance, which are characterised by special highlights like little tassels.

Parfums de Marly pursues the traditional French perfume arts and impresses equally with the extraordinary standards of the 18th century, which characterise the memorability of these fragrance creations. Julien Sprecher founded the exclusive perfume brand Parfums de Marly in 2009 in Paris and he utilised the tradition of the Royal Court of King Ludwig XVI, who was famous for his love of strong, authentic fragrances with high-quality ingredients and dedication to his horses. Parfums de Marly unites both passions with the greatest elegance, helping the brand to make its name quickly on the perfume scene.

Parfums de Marly: Exclusive fragrances with tradition

Unmistakable, unique fragrance creations from the brand Parfums de Marly are characterised by high-quality ingredients that linger on the skin for a long time. Parfums de Marly women’s fragrances with extracts of aquatic flowers, peonies and white musk are especially popular. Pear and lychee skilfully complement the compositions.

The French brand creates enchanting fragrances with essences of rose, musk, and with fruity extracts of raspberry and blackcurrant. Jasmine flower and bergamot enrich the intense and elegant women’s fragrances by Parfums de Marly, and create a beguiling and sensual fragrance.

The bottles are also extravagant and stand out in a striking way. The eye-catching coat of arms with two horses crossed over on the front of the bottle bears the passion of the source of inspiration, King Ludwig XVI. The curved coat of arms and the colour of the bottles emphasises the exclusivity, making each bottle an absolute highlight, memorable for its elegance.

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Shop Parfums de Marly, try them, fall in love: The brand not only offers sensual and grandiose women’s fragrances in the range. Strong and distinctive Parfums de Marly men’s perfumes, which are characterised especially by woody notes and fresh nuances like green apple and citrus components, can also be found in the fragrance repertoire. Sensual essences of sweet vanilla create a brilliant men’s fragrance with jasmine, bitter almond and cardamom.

Seductive elegance with Parfums de Marly

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