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Shampoo for clean and shiny hair

Many women are true believers in optimum hair care. But they’re often so focused on conditioners, masks and treatments, that they neglect to buy the right shampoo, even though shampoo is the basis for healthy, silky hair. Vitamins and nutrients can’t deliver valuable benefits unless the hair is regularly and thoroughly cleansed of all residues. Finding a good shampoo for your type of hair can be a real game changer.

How does shampoo work?

A shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp gently but thoroughly. Shampoo s contain surfactants – surface-active agents that attach themselves to sebum, styling product residue and other dirt particles so that they can be easily rinsed out of the hair. Shampoos also contain other ingredients added to meet specific care requirements:

  • Colour shampoo: Colour-treated hair fades a little with every wash. Shampoo for coloured hair is specially formulated to keep the hair colour looking vibrant for longer. Colour-depositing shampoos differ in that they contain pigments that refresh the colour.
  • Oily hair shampoo: In addition to fresh ingredients such as lemon, these shampoos sometimes contain healing clay to regulate the scalp’s sebum production.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo: Anti-dandruff shampoo soothes and nourishes the scalp. It alleviates itchiness and can reduce flaking.
  • Shampoo for dry hair: If you already use a moisturising shampoo with aloe vera, glycerine or hyaluron when washing, you are already caring for your tresses as you wash them.

Dry shampoo is the exception to the rule, because there is no water involved. It is simply sprayed onto the roots, where the starch that it contains removes excess oil from the hair. Dry shampoo is perfect if you haven’t got the time to wash your hair properly with a good shampoo.

Which shampoo is best?

That depends on your hair type and its care requirements. Shampoo for curly hair delivers the necessary moisture to restore elasticity and bounce to tired curls. Wavy and frizzy hair also benefit from its nutritional properties. If you use a lot of different styling products, you won’t get your hair squeaky clean with a regular shampoo. A deep-cleansing or detox shampoo contains additional surfactants to effectively remove all dirt and residue. Treat your hair to a nourishing mask after washing to prevent damage.

Keratin shampoo helps to repair the structure of normal to damaged hair. It has the same effect as a smoothing shampoo, so it restores natural shine. Silver shampoo was specially developed to add a beautiful shimmer to grey hair. It is also perfect for removing unwanted brassiness in bleached hair.

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