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Hair mascara: No more greys

When it's a long time until your next visit to the salon and the first grey hairs are beginning to show under your colour, this is the time when a hair mascara comes into its own. It looks similar to eyelash mascara: Colour can be applied to any strands of hair with a small precision brush. This is the right approach, especially when the roots are growing out after the hair has been coloured or you want to liven up the hair with colourful strands. Hair mascara has many advantages:

  • The mascara can be washed out easily next time you wash your hair – so you can try out bright colours without having to live with a long-lasting effect.
  • A hair mascara does not damage or dry out the hair.
  • Precision is possible. It doesn’t matter whether you want to touch up your roots or individual strands – with a hair mascara, you can get the desired effect in the twinkling of an eye.
  • You can also combine hair mascara with root spray. Do the roots with the spray and go over the hair strands that you want to change the colour of with the mascara.

Hair mascara is the perfect first-aid product for covering grey hair and is also great for travel due to its ease of use and compact size.

Hair mascara: What do you need to watch out for when purchasing the product?

When you buy hair mascara, it is important to find the right shade to go with the rest of the hair colour – at least if you want to cover grey hair. There are providers from whom you can buy hair colours and hair mascara from the same company in the same shade, which makes covering up greys easy for you. No one will notice that you’ve used two different products – after all, it’s exactly the same shade.

You might have to try out different shades until you find the right hair mascara for you. But as you can always wash the colours out easily, trying them out is risk-free. This is of particular benefit for new colour accents: pink, blue, green or red – everything is possible. You can even create brown hues in blonde hair or copper-toned shades in brown hair with hair mascara.

How else can you use hair mascara?

You can also substitute hair mascara for hairspray if you have little, flyaway strands of hair that you can’t tame otherwise. If you have found a colour that is a perfect match for your hair colour, you can get the little hairs into shape well with the hair mascara. There is also transparent hair mascara that has a similar effect. These hair mascaras are perfect for styling individual strands of hair and preventing them from sticking out in all directions.

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Tame flyaway hairs and cover your roots simply with hair mascara. The product is particularly helpful if you want to achieve a sleek look. You will find everything you need in the wide selection at the best prices at parfumdreams.

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