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With his creations, perfumer Pierre Montale is considered a pioneer of modern and luxurious fragr… Learn more
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With his creations, perfumer Pierre Montale is considered a pioneer of modern and luxurious fragrances. His lines and collections are among the most renowned fragrances in the world, are always breaking new ground and represent a skilful fusion of tradition and innovation. The perfumer has been working in the industry for over 30 years. His own label, which he named after himself, offers numerous luxurious creations which each deliver their own unique scent. Every perfume from the house of Montale is truly one of a kind, is supplied in a high-quality miniature bottle and is worth every penny you pay for it. Pure luxury on your skin which skilfully indulges the senses and stands out from the crowd – this is Montale Paris.

From the heart of France

Each fragrance is independently designed and perfected by the founder of the brand in order to deliver consistently outstanding quality. The Frenchman has gathered his inspiration from around the globe, but particularly in the Arab countries, which explains why you can detect a hint of the Orient in many of the creations. The fragrances diffuse luxury, elegance and style, hence why they are also very popular among stars and celebrities. Often the perfumer deliberately relies on a modest number of ingredients, which can be so expertly fused with one another that they develop a wholly unique, magical effect.

Enchanting fragrances and captivating luxury

Montale Paris is an exceptional pioneer in the world of perfume and at the same time an option for every occasion and every time of year. All of the perfumes rely on a tried and tested base, a succinct heart note and a punchy top note, which individually, too, make these creations so special. The fragrances are conceived in the heart of Paris but embody the alluring magic of all four corners of the globe. For all men and women who want to satisfy their sense of smell and ensure they leave an unforgettable impression, Montale perfumes are the perfect choice.