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Hand soap – mild care for soft hands

It’s hard to imagine our daily care routine without hand soap. Not only does it keep our hands clean, it also keeps them looking well cared for. There are a number of different care products available for washing hands. In addition to liquid soap, there are also bar soaps. There is the perfect product for everyday use to suit every taste and need.

Choosing the right bar of soap is key

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. So it is important that we care for it properly and on a daily basis. Our hands have to do a lot every day. A good soap not only cleans sensitive skin, but also prevents skin irritations. And it leaves you with silky smooth hands that feel soft to the touch and perfectly groomed looking.

  • Foaming soaps: Foaming soap is extremely popular because it gently lathers up straight out of the dispenser. Even a tiny amount is enough to clean your hands well.
  • Liquid soap: The soap is stored in practical soap dispensers, making it easy to dispense the care product. It is quick and easy to use. The result is mild cleansing and skin that feels pleasant to the touch.
  • Antibacterial soap: This hand soap offers the perfect combination of gentle and reliable hand cleansing. Antibacterial ingredients guarantee the cleaning process is effective. Replenishing lipids also leave feeling soft and relaxed.
  • Bar soaps: This soap is easy to use and can be conveniently stored in a soap dish. As the soap only lathers up when used with water, it can be used to target dirty areas of the body. It is a solid block, so it effectively removes light and heavy soiling.

Soap is one of the oldest care products around, but it has evolved over time into ever new forms. Whether as a solid soap or a liquid soap, its cleansing ingredients make this beauty product ideal for daily hygiene and it is also gentle on the skin’s surface.

Hand soap is ideal for these areas of the body

Soap may seem to be initially only suitable for the hands, the care product can also be used for the arms and legs. But it’s important that you don’t clean your face with hand soap. Although liquid soap or antibacterial soap may contain nourishing ingredients, the skin on your face requires special care products.

If you want to give your hands more moisture, use soaps that contain nourishing oils. In many cases, avocado oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil or almond oil are used, which have moisturising active ingredients. They are excellent for caring for the skin even during cleansing. Hands that need to be cleaned thoroughly should be cleaned with skincare soaps. Special herbal mixtures of rosemary and sage clarify the skin. Calendula, on the other hand, has soothing essences to calm and relax sensitive skin.

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There are plenty of soaps around – there’s a hand soap to suit every taste. That’s why our product range also includes a variety of products that leave your skin feeling soft and clean. The soap is kept in a practical dispenser and can be refilled as needed thanks to the refill pack. So you always have the right care product for your daily hygiene routine and skin that feels pleasant to the touch.