Bath salt & bath bombs

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Bath salts and bath bombs for soft skin

With or without essential oils, bath salts and bath bombs are a popular bath additive. Bath salts usually consist of at least natural sea or spring salt, transforming your bathroom into your own thermal spring. Phosphate bath salts have a purifying effect too and result in soft and supple skin. These salts can also be used for peels.

Salt bath bombs and bath balls

Salt bath bombsand bath balls look appealing and make it easy to use the right amount. They are usually enhanced with essential oils and colourful pigments for the ultimate bath experience.

A wide range of bath bombs are available: from sweet and fruity to fresh and revitalising, we have the right bath ball for every kind of soak. And kids are really entertained by bath bombs too. The colourful balls create funny bubbles as they dissolve, and so the bath adventure begins for the little ones.

Dead sea bath salts for relaxing in the tub

Naturaldead sea bath salt cleans and disinfects the skin in equal measure. It can also fight impurities and remove loose skin cells. Dead sea bath salts contain beneficial minerals and trace elements for soft and smooth skin.

Even magnesium bath salts are known for this effect. It also relaxes muscles and can be used as a peel when it dissolves in water. Magnesium bath salt is equally suitable for baths and foot soaks and helps the body and soul to rejuvenate after physical activity.

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