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A foot soak – time out for the feet

A foot soak is not only good for the feet, it is also a balm for the soul. So it’s not a bad idea to have a revitalising and refreshing foot soak at regular intervals. This is a great way to care for all feet that are stressed. To ensure the foot soak is effective, we suggest you follow these valuable tips.

A relaxing foot soak for exhausted feet

You should always give your feet a foot soak before using a foot peel and applying foot cream. The soak cleanses the skin on the feet and prepares the sole and toes for the rest of your footcare routine. The foot soak itself alleviates tension and inflammation, while supplying the skin with nourishing ingredients. A foot soak to combat hard skin or athlete’s foot can provide special relief. How to use the foot soak:

  • Choose your bath salts: there are many different types of bath salts that are suitable for a foot soak. Obviously, it is possible to purchase a suitable foot soak. But you can create your own refreshing foot soak out of black tea and essential oils. Essential oils like myrrh, tea tree or lavender are especially popular.
  • Preparing a foot soak: Pour sufficient water into a suitable container or foot bath. Between 1800 ml and 2300 ml water are enough for the foot soak. The water temperature should be around 33 degrees Celsius. This is comfortable for the feet and does not stress the skin unnecessarily.
  • Relax the feet: Finally, soak the feet for around 20 minutes in the foot bath. If you wish to soak the feet for longer, you can pour in more hot water. But check the water temperature. It should not be more than 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Dry the feet well: After the foot soak, you should dry the feet well. Don’t forget to dry between the toes. Now it's time to treat your feet to some relaxation before using cream or foot lotion.

Whether the problem is sweaty feet or stressed feet – there is a relaxing foot soak specially targeted towards the needs of your feet for every requirement and taste,. You can also use a therapeutic foot soak when you have a cold. Lemon, eucalyptus and thyme not only care for the delicate skin on the feet. The essential oils also reach the respiratory tract without causing irritation and provide relief.

Soothing foot soak for the evening

With bath salts that contain rose oil, lavender essences or lemon extracts, the feet can rest in the evening. After soaking your feet in the foot soak designed to combat hard skin, pamper the legs and feet with high-quality products. Apply a foot peel to the soles of the feet and massage in carefully. Circle the heels too and every single toe. Wash the peel off with the bath water and continue with the rest of your footcare routine. After rubbing the cream into the skin of the feet, put on thick woollen socks. The warmth soothes the feet and ensures that the footcare can absorb well.

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It’s not just a foot soak that can provide relaxation. A foot spa, which stimulates the circulation with a spray and gently massages the soles of the feet, provides valuable service. There are various products for this purpose in the range at parfumdreams. This is not only the best way to cleanse your feet. With a balanced footcare routine, it is also possible to have healthy and attractive feet. For groomed feet that look simply beautiful in any shoes or even barefoot.

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