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Beard care sets for men – everything you need for a presentable beard

A beautiful beard requires a lot of attention. Beard care sets for men contain coordinated products. You can clean and nourish your facial hair with special shampoos, beard balm and beard oil. Beard wax is suitable for styling and taming unruly hairs. Beard sets with a beard comb, beard brush and beard scissors make a great addition. These will help you to straighten out your beard hair, remove any impurities and shape your beard.

Beard care sets: What products do you need for a presentable beard?

At parfumdreams, you will find a whole host of beard care sets with special shampoos, beard oil and beard wax to help you clean, nourish and style your beard. The classics include:

  • Beard shampoo: This mild product will remove impurities and residue left behind by your care products. The valuable ingredients supply the skin and hair with moisture and prevent them from drying out.
  • Beard wax: Styling wax helps you tame your beard and bring the little hairs in line. The products contain wax and plant-based oils, which give your facial hair an extra dose of care. They even work on stubborn beard hair and won't leave behind any sticky residues.
  • Beard balm: This nourishing styling cream brings long, wild beard hair into shape. It tames the hair without causing it to stick together. Bees wax or carnauba wax provides hold and structure. Shea butter and valuable plant-based oils nourish the hair as well as the skin underneath.
  • Beard oil: This oil is suitable for dry and stressed beard hair. It gently tames the hair, supplies it with nourishing ingredients and makes it silky soft. This product contains essential oils made from jojoba, almond, avocado or argan fruit, which strengthens the beard hair and nourishes the skin.
  • Beard care oil: This oil nourishes and tames the beard hair. It gives the beard shine and a subtle fragrance. Thanks to valuable additional ingredients such as bisabolol and balloon plant extract, it helps to combat redness, itchiness and skin irritations.
  • Beard comb & beard brush: These can be used to comb the hair, loosen lugs and apply beard oil. They can be used for short beard hair and full beards alike.

Many beard care products have a subtle masculine fragrance that will last throughout the day, making the wearer feel fresh and presentable. Beard care sets are popular for travelling. They contain travel-size beard oil and beard wax as well as a folding comb, making them ideal for hand luggage.

What does a good beard set include?

The contents of a beard set are different to that of a classic beard care set for men. Instead of care products and styling products such as beard oil and beard wax, it contains key grooming tools for cleaning, caring for and trimming facial hair.

Beard combs with wide teeth and large beard brushes are ideal for full beards. Long brushes and combs are better suited to small beards and moustaches. A matching case in faux leather or leather is perfect for storing these tools.

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Discover a variety of care sets for your beard at parfumdreams. Regardless of whether you're buying the set for yourself or as a gift, the right combination of beard care products and tools results in the perfect beard care set.

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