Reed diffusers

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Reed diffusers – a stylish way to freshen up your room

Reed diffusers provide a simple way to add freshness to a room with very little effort. In doing so, these products need no cables or electricity. The secret lies in the bottle, which contains a special liquid. The only other addition are the wooden reeds. These absorb the liquid and the essential oils it contains. The fragrances then disperse into the air and ensure the room is filled with feel-good aromas.

Reed diffusers for every living space

A room fragrance with a reed diffuser always comprises two components: a small bottle, which is filled with your chosen scent, and a few wooden reeds. Depending on your taste, there are, of course, different fragrance nuances available. Choose between fresh, stimulating fragrance essences or bold, oriental perfume extracts. The effect won't take long to become apparent. This allows you to improve the air in the room and have a positive influence on the atmosphere.

  • Preparation: Remove both the bottle as well as the reeds of the room fragrance from their packaging. Finally, consider whether you would like a more intense or a more subtle fragrance.
  • Location: The diffuser sticks can be used anywhere in your home. A fresh scent in the hall, a floral note in the bathroom or an intense burst of fragrance in the living room. Choose between different products to cleverly enhance the ambience within your own four walls.
  • Use: Now insert the room fragrance reeds into the bottle. As you do so, the fragrance reeds will be dipped into the aromatic oil. This allows you to control the intensity of the fragrance as you wish. With more reeds in the bottle, the room fragrance will become more intense, while fewer wooden reeds give the scent a more subtle effect.
  • Longevity: The room diffuser sticks will now disperse the scent throughout the room for several weeks. In doing so, the fragrances can have a relaxing effect, awaken memories or invigorate the mind. We detect fragrances using our sense of smell, through which they reach the limbic system. The receptors here trigger reactions. In this way, perfumes can have a relaxing, restorative effect and a feeling of comfort – for a sense of harmony throughout your home.

A small bottle and a few reeds are all you need to add the perfect accessory to a room. The room fragrance reeds can therefore be arranged practically anywhere and create a wonderfully feel-good atmosphere with barely any effort.

Room fragrance reeds you’ll love

It often takes just a few simple steps to freshen up or beautify a room. Reed diffusers can give any room both a visual as well as an olfactory update. Exquisite fragrances are dispersed into the room, revitalising body and soul in the process. You just need to make sure that your fragrant arrangement is kept on a flat surface. This ensures that the bottle is stable and fully able to fulfil its purpose of adding fragrance to your room.

In doing so, it's best to go for lighter perfumes in small rooms and intense, refreshing scents for larger rooms. The scent will diminish over time. Because the reeds of the fragrance diffuser are in use over several days and weeks, their fragrance steadily diminishes over time. The amount of liquid left in the bottle will also gradually decrease. This means it’s finally time to replace your fragrance or refill the bottle. This creates new, inspiring fragrance compositions with an immediate mood-lifting effect.

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Fragrances have the power to transform our living space. They make us feel more comfortable. At the same time, they also neutralise any unwanted odours. This means that reed diffusers are true all-rounders which can transform the atmosphere of a room in an instant. We offer a wide range of selected fragrances for use in all areas of the home. This opens up possibilities for unique fragrance experiences that are inviting and revitalising.