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Nail care: The right way to do a manicure

Regular nail care is the key to beautiful hands. If you use the right products, it couldn’t be simpler to do a home manicure. The important thing is to pay attention to quality and hygiene. Plus, you should adapt your nail care products to the requirements of your hands. Here is an overview of possible challenges when doing a manicure:

  • Dry nails and cuticles: Moisture and oil help in this instance. Keep the nails as short as possible and do not use excessive nail polish and hardener, as these can be extra-drying.
  • Soft nails: Treat them regularly with a high-quality nail hardener. Pay attention to the adequate supply of nutrients through your diet and the right nail care.
  • Brittle nails: nail oils & nail care sticks supply the nails with vitamins and minerals. Gentle nail files prevent split nails.
  • Thin fingernails: Unfortunately, the same thing applies here – keep them short. Nail clippers and tongs are the best tools for your manicure. A nail oil can build up the nail.

Many women suffer from problems with cracked or brittle fingernails. So you are not alone. By becoming accustomed to a regular nail care routine, you are on the right path to having strong and healthy nails. At parfumdreams you will find everything you need to do this.

Nail care step by step

First off, treat your nails to a bath. Simply mix a couple of drops of essential oil with coconut, almond and jojoba oil, water and a shot of milk. Now bathe your fingers in it for up to 10 minutes and enjoy your nail care treatment. Afterwards, dry your nails carefully with a soft cloth.

The sequence of the nail care products is important to ensure that the manicure leads to the desired result in the long term. The cuticle remover is used first. As a practical stick, it ensures that the entire nail surface is also free from the invisible cuticle. Afterwards, cut and file your nails to the desired shape. Nail scissors and glass files are also a good choice for sensitive nails.

The next step is to apply nourishing nail oil. Finally, pamper the skin around the nail further with a therapeutic cream that delivers adequate moisture. Don’t forget the base. This is the place where the nail grows out of the skin. As soon as everything has soaked in, apply your nail polish or a nail hardener as usual. See the weekly nail care routine simply as time for yourself that you plan as a fixed date in your diary.

You can also do it simply to take care of your nails

Avoid contact with cleaning agents and harsh detergents. Even if you do not notice any negative effects at first glance – your nail is damaged in the long term. If you wear gloves for housework, you are already halfway there when it comes to nail care.

Beauty comes from within. This also applies to your fingernails. Because nail care products only help superficially, while the right diet makes the biggest contribution. Should your problems persist despite regular manicures, a vitamin or mineral deficiency could also be a cause.

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