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Soothe an irritated scalp with hair tonic

The importance of a healthy scalp is not to be underestimated: if the scalp is itchy or irritated, hair loss is more likely to occur. Haircare products like hair tonichelp to prevent this happening. It can help with a variety of scalp problems such as itching, soreness, or a tendency for the roots to quickly become oily.

What is hair tonic best suited for?

Hair tonic is by no means new. Hair tonic was already very popular at the start of the 20th century and was intended to optimise haircare thanks to ingredients like menthol that stimulate the circulation. Although it has almost been forgotten since then, it's celebrating an incredible comeback right now. Hair tonic can refresh the scalp and make everyday hairstyling easier. However, the haircare product has even more to offer:

  • Hair tonic can combat dandruff and halt the hair loss associated with it.
  • The tonic can soothe the affected areas of skin on an irritated scalp and promote healing.
  • As a haircare booster, hair tonic can make hair less greasy. This extends the length of time between hair washes.
  • Products that contain tea tree oil also act against impurities on the scalp.

With a high-quality hair tonic, haircare can be skilfully optimised, if used regularly. It is important not to work too much or too little hair tonic into the hair.

What is contained in hair tonic?

Along with water, most hair tonics are composed of alcohol, in addition to plant extracts, essential oils, rosewater and added vitamins. However, we recommend you opt for products that do not contain alcohol if you have an irritated scalp. At parfumdreams there is a wide selection of different hair tonics available. So it’s possible to buy a suitable hair tonic and use just the right product to best suit your own hair type.

How do I use hair tonic?

Hair tonic has about the same consistency as ordinary water. So a little sensitivity is required when it comes to dosage and application. Some hair tonics come with a practical pipette, while others have a pump dispenser. This makes it easier to manage. The important thing is to always use hair tonic on wet hair.

The reason is both logical and understandable: if the hair is wet, the pores on the scalp are open. This creates ideal conditions for the active ingredients in the hair tonic to be absorbed by the hair and skin. Follow these steps:

  • First of all wash your hair with shampoo. Now divide the towel-dried hair with a comb so the tonic can get to the scalp more easily.
  • Finally, massage the hair tonic gently into the scalp for a few minutes using circular motions. This allows the tonic to be distributed well and the circulation is stimulated.
  • To finish, rinse the product out. It’s possible to style the hair as usual, then air-dry or blow-dry it, if required.

Hair tonic usually has a mild formula and can therefore be used for daily haircare without any problems arising. In this way, it's possible to effectively reduce hair and skin problems over time.

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