Winter perfumes

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Winter fragrances for this cosy, reflective time of year

In order that we might enjoy the wonderful nature of winter during the colder months, we turn to winter fragrances. Spicy perfumes that are considered too heavy for summer are perfect for winter.

As soon as the freezing cold winter days set in, we begin to crave warmth, peace and cosiness. Partly, we want to take on a more peaceful lifestyle and focus on our immediate environment. And in the winter holidays, we love to be seduced by cosy, warm aromas. Winter fragrances are comforting and envelop the wearer in warmth, even on cold days.

Winter perfumes – intense, festive and comforting

Winter perfumes are much heavier and more intense than fragrances designed for other times of the year. And this is no bad thing, as they create a serene ambiance that radiates cosiness. Depending on the wearer's personal taste, perfumes for winter can be sensual, oriental or intensely floral. These fragrance notes are particularly comforting:

  • Vanilla is directly associated with beautiful winter days. It smells divine and goes down well with everyone in winter.
  • Sandalwood gives perfumes the necessary warmth. These aromatic woods suggest a hint of almond.
  • Myrrh brings an oriental, spicy, dry character. It is reminiscent of fresh firewood and is therefore particularly good for cosy days.

In winter we are surrounded by beautiful decorations and all things sparkly. So, it's only fitting that winter fragrances also exude an elegant, festive charm. Winter perfumes also make a welcome gift under the Christmas tree.

Winter perfumes for women who want to create magical moments

In addition to thick socks, your favourite jumper and a cosy winter coat, the right winter perfume for women is also a season staple. Perfumers like to use fragrance notes that are part of our everyday life in winter:

  • vanilla
  • cocoa
  • wood
  • oriental spices

These aromas produce the kind of relaxed vibe that we all need during the hectic run-up to Christmas.

The right fragrance will keep magical winter moments alive for a long time to come. When we spend lots of time with our nearest and dearest during the holidays, we want to create an engaging atmosphere with a warm and sensual fragrance. Winter perfumes for women are seductive and warm.

Winter fragrances for men with intense aromas

In order to stand out from the plethora of smells at the Christmas market or a winter meal, a winter fragrance for men can be more intense. On cold days, stylish men will go for woody notes that are complemented by oriental nuances such as frankincense or leather.

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