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Men’s deodorants: fresh, long-lasting protection

Even though sweat is there to cool down the body, nobody wants sweat stains or body odour. To feel fresh all days long and avoid unpleasant odours, it helps to use deodorant. Whether a stick, spray or even a deodorant cream: the range of products to choose from is endless, but one thing is certain. Men’s deodorants provide extremely effective protection.

On one condition: the right application. If the deodorant is applied after showering and letting your skin dry thoroughly, an antiperspirant works all day long. Long-lasting deodorants also offer up to 48 hours of protection against excessive sweating, stains and body odours.

A broad selection of deodorants for men

Parfumdreams offers a whole range of different deodorants: sticks, sprays, roll-ons and creams ensure that sweat doesn’t start to smell unpleasant. An antiperspirant also reduces sweat formation and ensures that your shirt stays dry.

Find the right men’s deodorant at parfumdreams and use the corresponding filters in the sidebar for a better overview. The clear filters let you narrow down your search in seconds.

The different varieties of men’s deodorant

  • Deodorant sprays for men ensure that the fine mist is distributed evenly and optimally. The spray dries fast and leaves no film that you can feel
  • Deodorant sticks for men are made of a solid cream and contain all ingredients to prevent unpleasant odours. The solid nature of the stick means it is applied dry by rubbing it under the armpits.
  • Roll-on deodorant for men contains a liquid deodorant that is easy to apply via a rotating ball. The fine film dries quickly and protects against unpleasant odours.
  • Deodorant creams for men are applied with the hands like a cream and protect against body odour and sweat stains all day long.

Choose the deodorant that you feel most comfortable with and that is easy for you to put on.

Men’s deodorants with and without aluminium

Men’s deodorants without aluminium salts are more in demand now than ever before. These salts cause the sweat glands to close up. In this way, they reduce the production of sweat. There are lots of myths surrounding aluminium in deodorants. It is said to be harmful for health, but there is no scientific consensus on this to date. Anyone who wants to be on the safe side can find plenty of aluminium-free alternatives. At parfumdreams, you will find lots of companies that offer effective and aluminium-free deodorants for men. They cover up undesired odours with harmonious fragrance nuances. At the same time, they provide gentle care for the soft skin under the armpits. Additional irritation through the men’s deodorant is therefore avoided.

Long-lasting effect – even during exercise

Deodorant sticks, roll-ons and sprays for men also come in a variety with a 48-hour long-lasting effect. This means that once you put them on you are fully protected – even when working out or doing other strenuous physical activity. Especially in hot temperatures, many men use a long-lasting antiperspirant to stay protected all day long (or until their next shower).

Buy men’s deodorants online at parfumdreams

In our online shop for perfume and cosmetics, you will find the right deodorant for your requirements. For a better overview, you can make use of various filters to narrow down your search. To complement your choice of deodorant, you can also find the coordinated care series for men to keep your skin nourished and protected.