Nail clippers & nippers

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Nail clippers and nippers for a precise manicure

Whether short or long, almond-shaped or stiletto-shaped: Nail clippers and nippers will help you to sculpt your nails into the style you want. These precise cutting tools will trim even the thickest nails reliably without damaging them. This is ensured by their sharpened edges and lever effect.

Different nail clippers for your needs

Fingernails and toenails are very individual. While some people were blessed with robust, thick talons, others suffer with paper-thin nails. That’s why our selection of nail clippers is equally wide-ranging. You can choose from the following options:

  • Fingernail clippers of 6 cm in length: This is the standard size, so you can count on this option for trimming normal fingernails. They're also suitable for toes, although not usually for the big toe.
  • Large nail clippers, up to 10 cm in length:Bigger models are specially designed for thick toenails and thumbnails.
  • Nail clippers with a spring: Even the thickest nails won't stand a chance with these. The spring increases the lever effect, making these nail clippers child’s play to use.

Most nail clippers and nippers are made of stainless steel. Some are also nickel-plated. Check for this if you tend to suffer from allergies.

Nail clippers or nippers – which should I buy?

It’s doesn’t take long to come up with a list of benefits of a regular pair of fingernail clippers. They are easy to use and barely take up any space. The cutting edge is straight, which prevents ingrown nails. The larger versions are even suitable for both the finger- and toenails. Most models also have an integrated nail file.

Nippers are a professional tool which require a little more practice. When used correctly, their powerful lever can cut through any nail, be it real or artificial. For delicate fingers, on the other hand, they are often too heavy-duty. Nail nippers are generally heavier and bigger. For this reason, they require more storage space. For non-professionals, they can be slightly tricky to handle to start with.

It depends on what kind of nails you have. If you'd like to trim your gel nails yourself, it's worth investing in nail nippers. Large nail clippers are so versatile to use and will help you give yourself a pedicure. A smaller design is ideal for your luggage or handbag.

How to use nail clippers and nippers properly

The lever of the nail clippers locks the tool into its starting position. Therefore, it must first be turned so that it is set at a 45° angle. Now take your nail clippers between your thumb and the rest of your fingers. Slide your fingernail in between the cutting edge. You just need to apply a little pressure – and you’re done. Using nail nippers works in a similar way. Hold them between your fingers and the ball of your thumb. This builds up enough pressure to trim even strong nails precisely.

Nail clippers and nippers require regular cleaning

After use, you shouldn't just simply put your nail clippers or nippers away. Instead, hold them under flowing water to remove any coarse dirt or flakes of skin. Then disinfect your tools with alcohol or isopropanol. You should always perform this step, especially if you share your nail clippers with other members of your household. In doing so, you can prevent the further spread of bacteria or fungal infections.