Hair creams for men

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Hair cream for men – light hold and natural shine for carefree styles

It takes no time at all to style your hair with a hand cream. Depending on the formula, you will get a light to medium hold without stickiness. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to distribute throughout the hair. Nourishing and hydrating ingredients lend your hair a natural shine. Hair cream for men is especially suited to carefree surfer or just-got-out-of-bed hairstyles.

What is hair cream for men?

Ahair cream is a versatile styling and haircare product that gives hair a light shine without weighing it down or giving it an oily appearance. It gives your hairstyle better hold and tames unruly flyaways. Styling creams also offer much-needed moisture, prevent drying, and make it easier to comb your hair.

Hair cream for men is suitable for low-maintenance styles where hair falls naturally. These products give the appearance of a carefree style and give hair a glossy finish. In addition to odourless products, there are hair creams available that exude a distinctive, masculine scent that will stick with you throughout the day.

Which hair type is suited to hair cream for men?

Hair cream for men is suitable for different hair textures, with products tailored to the specific needs of each hair type. In most cases, hair cream is not only a styling product, it also has various active ingredients that nurture the hair. Manufacturers differentiate between hair creams for:

  • Dry hair: these products contain beneficial ingredients to nourish and hydrate your hair. Although they are enriched with many ingredients, they are quickly absorbed without weighing down hair or leaving an oily film behind. Hair gets a natural shine for a healthy and supple appearance.
  • Curly and wavy hair: haircare and styling products surround the hair like a protective sheath and give curls more bounce and a smooth shine. They prevent frizz on rainy or humid days and give your style an overall shape.
  • Thin hair: these hair creams have a light formula that won't weigh down fine hair. They thicken the hair structure and lend volume to your hairstyle. Some contain special ingredients to boost hair growth
  • Oily hair: products that refresh the hair and cut grease from the roots contain oil-absorbing powder particles that are evenly distributed when you blow dry. They cleanse hair and leave it feeling stronger with more grip.

A good styling cream has many functions. It hydrates the hair, gives it shine, and makes it more malleable. It also gives hair better definition and hold without weighing it down.

How do you apply hair cream?

Hair cream for men is suitable for use in dry or towel-dried hair. The amount of styling cream used depends on the length of your hair and your hair type. A small amount is enough in the beginning so that you can start to experiment. If you rub a dollop between the palms of your hands first, it helps to apply the product more evenly. Then work the cream evenly into the lengths or highlight individual areas.

For the perfect look, run your fingers through the strands or use a comb to tame flyaways. This allows you to remould your hairstyle throughout the day. For more bounce and definition, distribute the hair cream on towel-dried hair and style with a blow dryer. Many products contain heat protectants to prevent heat damage. These wrap around the hair shaft and protect the structure from harmful heat.